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Sierra Peaks Register Needs
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
2.1Kern PeakKERNPK11510 11 pic of KernPeak
4 reports on kern
need container, has small book in baggie under map stand as of 5-24-2015
2.5Moses MtnMOSESM9331 34 reports on mosesneed book and container
2.7Vandever MtnVANDEM11947 16 reports on vandeverneed container, book, pencil
2.9Sawtooth Peak NSAWTON12343 22 pics of SawtoothPeakN
18 reports on sawtooth
need Ammo Box lid slid down a crack, hard to get as of 8/9/15
2.10Needham MtnNEEDHM12520+ 2s37 reports on needhamneed container, book, pencil
3.1Olancha PeakOLANCP12123Emblem Peak22 pics of OlanchaPeak
9 reports on olancha
need book and container
5.3Russell MtRUSSEM14088Mountaineer's Peak32 pics of RussellMt
26 reports on russell
need book and container
5.4Carillon MtCARILM13517+ 21 pic of CarillonMt
7 reports on carillon
need book
5.8Tyndall MtTYNDAM14019 21 pic of TyndallMt
13 reports on tyndall
need book
6.1Alta PeakALTAPK11208 11 pic of AltaPeak
8 reports on alta
need rusted ammo box, registers in plastic bag as of Oct 2017
6.2Silliman MtSILLIM11188 12 pics of SillimanMt
11 reports on silliman
need book (full)
6.8Kaweah MtKAWEAM13802Emblem Peak11 pic of KaweahMt
15 reports on kaweah
need container
7.12Sphinx TheSPHNXT9143X not on SPS List51 pic of SphinxThe
2 reports on sphinx
need container and book
7.13Palmer MtnPALMEM11254X not on SPS List22 reports on palmerneed permanent container (has book in temp plastic container)
7.14Sphinx CrestSPHNXC11525X not on SPS List22 reports on sphinxneed container and book
8.4Stanford S MtSTANFS13973 315 reports on stanfordneed book and container
8.7West VidetteWVIDET12533+ 27 reports on videtteneed book
9.8Cotter MtCOTTEM12713 26 reports on cotterneed book for Ammo Box
9.11Black MtnBLACKM13291 28 reports on blackneed book
10.8Striped MtnSTRIPM13179 11 pic of StripedMtn
5 reports on striped
need everything
10.11Cedric Wright MtCEDRIM12372X not on SPS List1s3 need better container
10.12Acrodectes PeakACRODP13183X not on SPS List21 pic of AcrodectesPkneed container, pencil, book
10.14Ickes MtICKESM12968X not on SPS List2 need container, pencil, book
11.9Three SistersTHREES10612 14 reports on sisterneed book sized for ammo box: 10" x 6.5"
11.14Vennacher NeedleVENACH12996X not on SPS List21 report on vennacherneed better container
12.1Split MtnSPLITM14042+Emblem Peak12 pics of SplitMtn
14 reports on split
need large book up to 8 inch x 5 inch
12.2Tinemaha MtTINEMM12520 22 reports on tinemahaneed container, book is in baggie May 2014
12.11BalconyBALCON13840X not on SPS List23 reports on balconyneed container and book
13.17Solomons MtSOLOMM13016X not on SPS List21 pic of SolomonsMt
2 reports on solomon
need book and container
14.1Temple CragTEMPLE12976 32 pics of TempleCrag
9 reports on temple
need book and container
14.3Sill MtSILLMT14153Mountaineer's Peak23 pics of SillMt
19 reports on sill
need ammo box and book (now has book in water bottle)
14.4North PalisadeNORPAL14242Emblem Peak41 pic of NorthPalisade
39 reports on palisade
need book
14.14Polemonium PeakPOLEMP14000X not on SPS List41 pic of PolemoniumPeak
7 reports on polemonium
need book up to 5.5 x 7 inches
14.15Columbine PeakCOLUMP12662X not on SPS List31 pic of ColumbinePeak
2 reports on columbine
need container and book
14.16Starlight PeakSTARLP14040+X not on SPS List52 pics of StarlightPeak
5 reports on starlight
need gallon freezer bag and spare pencils
15.15Warlow MtWARLOM13508X not on SPS List21 report on warlowneed container, book, pencil
15.18Clyde Spires EastCLYDEE13200X not on SPS List35 reports on clydeneed book and pencil
15.19Clyde Spires WestCLYDEW13200X not on SPS List3s45 reports on clydeneed book, pencil, and container
16.2Emerson MtEMERSM13204 21 pic of EmersonMt
6 reports on emerson
need Permanent Container (has book in plastic box)
16.5Four GablesFOURGA12720+ 11 pic of FourGables
11 reports on gables
need Ammo box with book chained on UNNAMED peak (12,801), higher and south of Four Gables
17.2Royce PeakROYCEP13280+ 21 pic of RoycePeak
8 reports on royce
need container and book missing after thorough search May 2012
17.3Julius Caesar MtJULIUM13200+ 21 pic of JuliusCaesarMt
7 reports on juliuscaesar
need needs repair as of June 2014 - please contact Harry
17.5Recess PeakRECESP12813 21 pic of RecessPeak
4 reports on recess
need Container and Book
17.6Gabb MtGABBMT13680+ 23 pics of GabbMt
6 reports on gabb
need box, book, pencil (box placed in 2014 vanished)
17.9Abbot MtABBOTM13704Emblem Peak31 pic of AbbotMt
7 reports on abbot
need everything
17.11Morgan S MtMORGNS13748 21 pic of MorganSMt
11 reports on morgan
need container, pencil, book
17.12Starr MtSTARRM12870X not on SPS List21 pic of StarrMt
12 reports on starr
need book and container, not an SPS peak
17.16Feather PeakFEATHP13240+X not on SPS List2s31 pic of FeatherPeak
4 reports on feather
need book and container
18.3Red And White MtnREDWHM12816 21 pic of RedAndWhiteMtn
15 reports on red
need container and maybe book (new book in half a gatorade bottle as of 2015)
18.8Morrison MtMORRIM12277Mountaineer's Peak21 pic of MorrisonMt
7 reports on morrison
need book and container
18.10Laurel MtnLAUREM11812X not on SPS List24 reports on laurelneed book and container (has tiny plastic container now)
18.11Sharktooth PeakSHARKP11640X not on SPS List21 report on sharktoothneed box and book
18.13Graveyard PeakGRAVEP11520X not on SPS List2s32 pics of GraveyardPeak
3 reports on graveyard
need book
19.9San Joaquin MtnSANJOM11598 11 pic of SanJoaquinMtn
5 reports on sanjoaquin
need container and book
20.5Starr King MtSTARRK9092Mountaineer's Peak51 pic of StarrKingMt
12 reports on starr
need better container or plastic bags to stop water damage
21.1Cathedral PeakCATHEP10911Mountaineer's Peak3s41 pic of CathedralPeak
15 reports on cathedral
need container and book (climbed too often?)
21.2Vogelsang PeakVOGELP11493 21 pic of VogelsangPeak
4 reports on vogelsang
need Book (up to 10x6.5in) for Ammo Box. Has small notebook filling up.
21.7Gibbs MtGIBBSM12773 11 pic of GibbsMt
3 reports on gibbs
need pencil and Book (up to 10x6.5) for Ammo Box
21.8Dana MtDANAMT13057 12 pics of DanaMt
15 reports on dana
need book
21.11Unicorn PeakUNICOP10880X not on SPS List41 pic of UnicornPeak
3 reports on unicorn
need container and book
21.13Matthes CrestMATTHE10918X not on SPS List51 pic of MatthesCrest
6 reports on matthes
need book and pencil
21.16Tenaya PeakTENAYP10280X not on SPS List01 pic of TenayaPeak
6 reports on tenaya
need book and container
21.18Kuna PeakKUNAPK13002X not on SPS List2 need needs permanent container
21.21Amelia Earhart PeakAMEARP11974X not on SPS List22 reports on ameliaearhartneed book, has only empty ammo box
22.1Warren MtWARREM12327 11 pic of WarrenMt
4 reports on warren
need container, to replace gatorade bottle April 2013
22.4Excelsior MtnEXCELM12446 11 pic of ExcelsiorMtn
6 reports on excelsior
need Permanent Container (has book in fragile plastic box)
22.6Virginia PeakVIRGIP12001 21 pic of VirginiaPeak
9 reports on virginia
need book and container
22.7Twin Peaks NTWINPN12323 21 pic of TwinPeaksN
10 reports on twin
need book and container
22.8Whorl MtnWHORLM12033Mountaineer's Peak32 pics of WhorlMtn
8 reports on whorl
need book and container and pencil (everything in wet ziplok as of Sep 2015)
22.9Matterhorn PeakMATTEP12279Emblem Peak21 pic of MatterhornPeak
15 reports on matterhorn
need book, has Ammo Box
22.13Tower PeakTOWERP11755Mountaineer's Peak32 pics of TowerPeak
4 reports on tower
need book (up to 8x5) and pencil
22.18Tioga PeakTIOGAP11526X not on SPS List?1 pic of TiogaPeak
2 reports on tioga
need container
23.1Black Hawk MtnBLACKH10348 21 pic of BlackHawkMtn
4 reports on hawk
need book and container, upgrade for current plastic container
23.3Stanislaus PeakSTANIP11233 1s21 pic of StanislausPeak
3 reports on stanislaus
need container, book, pencil
23.6Mokelumne PeakMOKELP9334 21 pic of MokelumnePeak
6 reports on mokelumne
need register is completely missing
23.7Round TopROUNDT10381 33 pics of RoundTop
15 reports on round
need book, getting pretty ful
23.17Red Lake PeakREDLKP10063X not on SPS List2s315 reports on redneed everything, may be climbed too often to maintain
23.25Sonora PeakSONORP11462X not on SPS List21 pic of SonoraPeak
3 reports on sonora
need container, book, pencil
23.26White Mtn NWHITEN11398X not on SPS List210 reports on whiteneed container, book, pencil
24.4Rose MtROSEMT10776 12 reports on roseneed book and container
24.6English MtnENGLIM8373 24 reports on englishneed book
24.8Elwell MtELWELM7818 13 reports on elwellneed book and container (climbed very often)

Click on the links below for data on the peaks in a single region.
Region 01 Southern Sierra 10 peaks
Region 02 Mineral King And Kern River 10 peaks
Region 03 Olancha To Langley And West 11 peaks
Region 04 Corcoran To Whitney 10 peaks
Region 05 Whitney To Williamson 10 peaks
Region 06 Kaweahs And West 15 peaks
Region 07 Great Western Divide 14 peaks
Region 08 Kings Kern Divide 12 peaks
Region 09 Kearsarge Pass Vicinity 18 peaks
Region 10 Baxter Pass To Taboose Pass 15 peaks
Region 11 Western Mid-Sierra 15 peaks
Region 12 South Palisades 11 peaks
Region 13 Mt Goddard Vicinity 19 peaks
Region 14 North Palisades 16 peaks
Region 15 Evolution Area 20 peaks
Region 16 Humphreys Basin And West 15 peaks
Region 17 Bear Creek Spire Area 16 peaks
Region 18 Mono Creek To Mammoth 13 peaks
Region 19 Ritter Range And Vicinity 10 peaks
Region 20 Clark Range And Vicinity 8 peaks
Region 21 Mt Lyell And North 21 peaks
Region 22 Tioga Pass To Bond Pass 20 peaks
Region 23 Bond Pass To Lake Tahoe 26 peaks
Region 24 Northern Sierra 9 peaks

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