Sonora Desert Trailheads
(East of Los Angeles, south of Flagstaff)

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northeast Great Basin Trailheads (Mono Lake Area, southern Utah, northern Arizona, northern Nevada)
west Los Angeles Area Trailheads (if anyone ever submits anything)
northwest Mojave Desert Trailheads (between Las Vegas, Bishop, Los Angeles)
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Sonora Desert Trailheads (click on any black label)

Rabbit Pk and Martinez Mtn Orocopia, Pinto, Eagle South Granite South, Palen, Maria Chuckwalla and Black Butte Sheephole and Spectre East Ord Mtn Chemehuevi, Stepladder, Whipple Old Woman Peak Los Angeles Area Great Basin Mojave Desert Cerro Pinacate in Mexico Picacho Peak Signal Pk and Castle Dome Pk Superstition Mtn and Weaver's Needle Baboquivari (Babo) Peak Mt Ajo and Kino Pk in Organ Pipe Nat Mon el Picacho del Diablo in Mexico

EORDTH East Ord Mtn SE of Barstow in the Lucerne Valley
RABATH Rabbit Peak Santa Rosa Mountains, SE of Palm Springs and W of Salton Sea
MAR2WD MAR4WD Martinez Mountain Santa Rosa Mountains, SE of Palm Springs and W of Salton Sea
SHPATH SHPBTH Sheephole Mtn north of Twentynine Palms
SPEC2W Spectre Point east of Twentynine Palms (in Joshua Tree)
OROCAR ORO2WD ORO4WD Orocopia Mtn Orocopia Mountains, between Chiriaco Summit and the Salton Sea
EAGLET Eagle Mtn South DPS Eagle Mtn #1, between Chiriaco Summit and Twentynine Palms (in Joshua Tree)
PINTOT Pinto Mtn between Chiriaco Summit and Twentynine Palms (in Joshua Tree)
CARBTH Old Woman Peak Carbonate Gulch approach, near Essex, west of Lake Havasu
Black Butte
Chuckwalla Mtn
Chuckwalla Mountains, north of the Salton Sea
Big Maria Mtn
Palen Mtn
Granite Mtn (S)
north of I-10 between Desert Center and Blythe
Stepladder Mtn
Chemehuevi Pk
Whipple Mtn
Chemehuevi Valley, west of Lake Havasu
PICWTH Picacho Peak western approach near Picacho State Rec Area
(yes, Picacho Peak means 'Big Peak Peak')
Signal Peak
Castle Dome Peak
in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (camping at trailhead is free)
SUPRTH Superstition Mountain high point of the Superstition Mountains (in a housing tract)
WEAVTH Weaver's Needle Weaver's Needle trailhead is on a good dirt road (camping at trailhead is free)
TRCAMP BPCAMP el Picacho del Diablo western approach Mexican national park (don't forget your passport!)
PINATH BIOSPH Cerro Pinacate in Mexico's Biosphere Reserve (don't forget your passport!)
KINOTH Kino Peak in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
NOTE: May not be safe or legal, enter at your own risk!
AJOTH Mount Ajo in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument near the visitor center
BABOTH Baboquivari Peak via indian reservation, dirt road suitable for any vehicle
(camping at trailhead may be free)

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