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20 reports for Europe
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
24-25 Jul 2008 Climbing the Eiger
Ted Lenzie
10 May 2008 The Dolomites, Amazing Mountains
[Dolomites, Torri del Sella, Tofane, Marmolada, Civetta, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Angner]
Enrico Maioni
30 Apr 2005 Skiing the Schwarztor
[Zermatt, Switzerland]
Seth Henson
16 Jun 2004 Scotch on the rocks (Buachaille Etive Mor (1022m and 956m) and Ben Nevis 1344m)
[Buachaille Etive Mor, Ben Nevis]
Debbie Bulger
13 Sep 2003 Rock of Scaros
[Mt Scaros]
Reiner Stenzel
1-13 Aug 2002 Mt Elbrus and some Swiss Alps
[Mt Elbrus, Monte Rosa]
Tom Masterson
22 Sep 2001 Snowden Horseshoe (Wales)
[Snowden Horseshoe]
Andrea Eddy
25-28 Jul 2001 Climbing in Zermatt, Switzerland
[Matterhorn, Unterrothorn, Klein Matterhorn, Breithorn]
Arun Mahajan
21 Jul 2001 The Aiguille Du Midi, France, 3842m (by the Cosmiques Ridge)
[Aguille Du Midi]
Arun Mahajan
19 Jul 2001 Mt Elbrus, Russia
[Mt Elbrus]
Steve Bonowski
17-23 Jul 2001 Mont Blanc, France, 4807m
[Mont Blanc]
Arun Mahajan
10 Sep 2000 Weisshorn, East Ridge (Dutch Treat)
Scott Pierce
20-21 Aug 2000 Matterhorn via Hornli Ridge (Zermatt, Switzerland)
[Matterhorn, Pollux, Rimpfichhorn]
Bill Hood
20 Nov 1999 Mont Blanc as a touriste (France)
[Mont Blanc]
Alan Ritter
15 Aug 1999 The Munros (Scotland)
[The Munros]
Richard Carey
28 Jul 1999 Mont Blanc, France, 15,769' (French Alps)
[Mont Blanc]
Stephane Mouradian
15 Jul 1999 Karwendel Range, Austria
[Grosse Bettelwurfspitze, Speckkarspitze]
Pat Callery
31 Aug 1998 The Matterhorn (Switzerland)
David Harris
31 Aug 1996 Mont Blanc My Way (France)
[Mont Blanc]
Elmer Martin
21 Jul 1995 Mt. Blanc: Aiguille to disagree (Aiguille d'Argentiere - French Alps near Chamonix)
[Mont Blanc]
Peter Maxwell


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