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13 reports for Asia
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
1-28 Sep 2010 Climbing in the Indian Himalaya (Satopanth, 7075m / 23212 ft)
[Peak5801, Satopanth]
Arun Mahajan
25-26 Apr 2008 Climbing Mt. Kinabalu (4095.2M or 13,444ft) (The Sandarkan Death March ... Part II)
[Mount Kinabalu, Lows Peak]
Derek Palmer
22-23 Nov 2006 Mt. Pulag, 9609 ft., highpoint of Luzon Island, Philippines (A Class 3 drive, Class 1 hike)
[Mt Pulag]
Richard Carey
10-13 Nov 2006 Mt. Apo, 9691 ft., highpoint of the Philippines (A challenging jungle trek.)
[Mt Apo]
Richard Carey
9-25 Oct 2006 Pokalde Peak (19048 ft) (Yakking About Nepal, 2006)
[Pokalde Peak, Cho La Pass, Renjo Pass]
Cathy Luchetti
18 May - 28 Jun 2006 Kyajo Ri, Nepal (Ice Monster)
[Kyajo Ri]
Mike Freeman
3 Mar 2005 Bukit Blowout (the 'high point' of Singapore)
[Bukit Timah Hill]
Steve Eckert
3-22 Oct 2004 Climbing and trekking in the Everest region of Nepal (Island Peak (6165m/20,550 ft) and Kala Patthar (5550m/18,490ft))
[Island Peak, Kala Patthar]
Arun Mahajan
30-31 Aug 2002 Mt. Fuji (From the bottom -- the pilgrim's way)
[Mt Fuji]
Sherry Boschert
20-21 Jul 2002 Seeing the Sun Rise First From the 'Land Of Rising Sun' (Treking Mt Fuji on 20th July 2002)
[Mt Fuji]
Yoonus CH
20-21 Jul 2002 Mt. Fuji Hike
[Mt Fuji]
Derek Koonce
20 Jul 1999 What's All This Mt. Fuji Stuff, Anyhow? (Japan)
[Mt Fuji]
Robert A Pease
3 Feb 1996 I'm a Seoul Man; Mt. Paegun-dae (Korea)
[Mt Paegun-dae]
Victor Anderson


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