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Names in this file: Jeff Adams  Mark Adrian  Chuck Allen  Victor Anderson  Anne Anglim  S Anonymous  Rolf Asphaug  Kyle Atkins  Bob Ayers  Robert Ayers 

Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]

Reports by Jeff Adams:
5-8 Oct 2006 Piedra Parada
[Piedra Parada]
South America

Reports by Mark Adrian:
21 Oct 1999 Section 23
[Round Top, Mokelumne Peak, Stevens Peak, Highland Peak, Disaster Peak, Black Hawk Mtn, Stanislaus Peak, Sonora Peak, Ricky Mtn]
3 Sep 1999 Pick Six: Emerald, Henry, Scylla, Reinstein, Finger, Tunemah, Tehipite
[Emerald Peak, Mt Henry, Scylla, Mt Reinstein, Finger Peak, Tunemah Peak, Tehipite Dome]
9 Jul 1999 Observation Peak
[Observation Peak]
30 Jun 1999 Mount Thompson
[Mt Thompson, Emerson]
5 Jun 1999 Shasta Blasta
[Mt Shasta]
10 Oct 1998 Homer's Nose
[Homers Nose]
3 Oct 1997 Rockhouse Peak
[Rockhouse Peak]
28 Jul 1996 Milestone Creek
[Midway Mtn, Milestone Mtn, Table Mtn, Thunder Mtn, Mt Genevra, Mt Jordan]
15 Dec - 13 Jan 1994 Aconcagua via Routa Normal
South America

Reports by Chuck Allen:
28 Jun 2001 Climbing the Maroon Bells (A Climb of Maroon Peak)
[Maroon Peak]

Reports by Victor Anderson:
3 Feb 1996 I'm a Seoul Man; Mt. Paegun-dae (Korea)
[Mt Paegun-dae]

Reports by Anne Anglim:
10-29 Jan 2010 Cerro Aconcagua (False Polish Route - Guanacos Variation)
[Cerro Aconcagua]
South America

Reports by S Anonymous:
1 Jul 2006 Torrey's Peak via Kelso Ridge
[Torreys Peak, Kelso Ridge]

Reports by Rolf Asphaug:
27 Feb 2005 Mt. Bierstadt in Winter: Ten Lessons
[Mt Bierstadt]
1 Jun 2003 Mt Bierstadt
[Mt Bierstadt]
3 Sep 2002 Longs Peak
[Longs Peak]

Reports by Kyle Atkins:
16 Aug 1974 "Unclimbed" Peak 12,400+ (On Sawtooth Ridge .5 miles S of Glacier Lake)
[Peak 12400, Sawtooth Ridge]

Reports by Bob Ayers:
12 Dec 2000 Lagunas Bravas - First Ascent (Argentina)
[Lagunas Bravas]

Reports by Robert Ayers:
28-29 Aug 2004 Merced Peak from the South
[Merced Peak]


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