"Unclimbed" Peak 12,400+
(On Sawtooth Ridge .5 miles S of Glacier Lake)

16 Aug 1974 - by Kyle Atkins

R. J. Secors' possible unclimbed Peak 12,400+ on Sawtooth Ridge .5 mi. S. of Glacier Lk. was climbed on 16 August 1974 by K. Kyle Atkins and Greg Sonegere. There was no cairn, no register and I did not leave one. It is interesting to note that the nearby bump on the east ridge of Eocene had been christened "The Citadel" and climbed 6 times by that date. The first was 1934. Apparently it is on a route then used to cross the Sawtooth Ridge.

Class 3 via the south side of the west ridge.

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