Oregon Peaks (starting with X)

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On the Oregon Peaks page, 1995 peaks above 4300 feet are marked as 'USGS peak'.
Peaks from non-USGS sources are also included, and they may be lower altitude.
(The USGS elevation range was chosen to present no more than 2000 peaks from that source.)

Peaks are listed alphabetically below, and do not include prefixes or suffixes like North/South, Peak, Mt, Knob, etc. For example, you can look up "Mt Rose" as simply "rose", and "Pilot Knob" as "pilot". Coordinates from the USGS use North American Datum 1927 (NAD27) latitude and longitude coordinates, in decimal degrees. For comparison, coordinates from the Sierra Peaks database are given in North American Datum 1983 (NAD83). Both sets of coordinates are shown as links to Google Maps.

Beware the online map links from the USGS pages, because they show somewhat rough locations - the peaks are NEAR the marked point, but other databases (like the Sierra Peaks and Desert Peaks list) are more accurate.

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No peaks were found starting with the letter 'X'.

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