Pacheco Pass (Hwy 152)
from Hwy 101 in Gilroy to Hwy 99

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This file describes Hwy 152 over Pacheco Pass, connecting Silicon Valley to Hwy 99 and Interstate 5.
Follow the PACHECO PASS 152 route waypoints.

Overview of Hwy 152 from Hwy 101 to Hwy 99:

Pacheco Pass is the most popular way to reach the Central Valley from Silicon Valley. San Francisco residents may choose to take I-580 through Livermore to I-5 instead. For Pacheco Pass, take Hwy 101 south from the Bay Area to Gilroy, ignore westbound 152, and turn east on Hwy 152 at waypoint 101152.

Western Hwy 152, over Pacheco Pass:

The section from Gilroy to the base of Pacheco Pass is 2-lane with no passing, often clogged with Friday evening traffic, and occasionally stops completely when a produce truck spills a load. Over the pass and down the east side is all 4 or 6 lanes, but trucks passing trucks it can still slow down to city street speeds.

NOTE: The Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area (waypoint CTNWDC) is a rest stop of last resort for those returning to the Bay Area too late at night to make it: just west of the Romero Visitor Center (on the east side of the pass) a driveway goes through a cut in the hill, at a sign marked Upper Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area. This gravel parking lot is shielded from lights and noise by the hill, but park there at your own risk!

Eastern Hwy 152, between I-5 and Hwy 99:

Hwy 152 is a very direct route to either I-5 or Hwy 99, and the part between those freeways is mostly 4 lane. If you like Basque food, and you want a large meal, turn north from Hwy 152 on 6th Street in Los Banos (at waypoint LBANOS). At the corner of 6th and H is the Woolgrowers Hotel, where vegetarians will be appalled and carivores will be sated.

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