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Mt Diablo is east of the intersection of I-680 and Hwy 24, between I-580 and Hwy 4. This file points you to three of the many trailheads for Mt Diablo, it does not contain details of the trails themselves, just roads and trailheads.

There are three trailhead GPS routes in this file, plus one 'route' containing the three highest peaks on Mt Diablo: Mitchell Canyon, Green Valley, Rock City, and local peaks. More detailed maps and descriptions are below this overview:

Mitchell Canyon trailhead (north side, route DIABLO MITCHELL CYN)

Get across to 680 and take the Ygnacio Valley Road exit (waypoint YGNACIO) one exit north of Highway 24 (waypoint 24J680). Follow Ygnacio Valley Road into the town of Clayton, then make a right on Clayton Road (waypoint CLYTON). Make your next right south onto Mitchell Canyon Road (waypoint MITCHL). At the south end of Mitchell Canyon Road is a trailhead (waypoint MITCHT) near the ranger station. You'll probably have to pay for parking.

Green Valley trailhead (west side, route DIABLO GREEN VALLEY)

Rock City trailhead (south side, route DIABLO ROCK CITY)

Get on I-680 about halfway between I-580 and Hwy 24, and take the Diablo Road exit (waypoint DIABRD). This road turns left and then right (at waypoints TASSAJ and ELCERO) - don't be fooled into going straight on Tassajara or El Cerro or Ackerman: follow the signs for Diablo even though it looks like you're turning onto something else.

Turn north at Green Valley Road (waypoint GRNJCT) if you're going to that trailhead (waypoint GRNVTH).

Most people will continue on Mt Diablo Road past the country club (waypoint CNTRYC) to a stop sign at the left turn marked 'Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd' (waypoint SCENIC). Go left (north) along a residential country road until you come to the marked but easy-to-miss Mt Diablo Summit Trail (waypoint DIABTR) just inside a gate at the park boundary. There is no parking anywhere outside the park (heavily signed) and there is no parking anywhere near this trailhead inside the park! Apparently you must walk from your home to use this trail, visitors are not welcome, but it connects to Rock City and Green Valley if you can get to it.

For Rock City and/or the road to the summit, go to the south entrance station (waypoint SENTRS) where you pay $10/day at the ranger station (waypoint PARKHQ) whether or not it is manned. Park at Rock City day use lot (waypoint RCKCTY) or drive to Curry Point (waypoint CURRYP), which is past the park headquarters on the road to the summit.

There is a water spigot (which was turned off as of 2015) at waypoint RCKCTY and a couple of picnic tables there at the road junction marked for Live Oak and Rock City picnic areas. (The best picnic table is half a mile past the Rock City parking lot, has its own short driveway from the pavement, and is basically only visible when driving downhill.)

From Rock City, walk along Fossil Ridge via a maze of small trails, or walk to PARKHQ on pavement and join the Summit Trail there. The Summit Trail repeatedly crosses the road as it follows the southwest ridge to the top (waypoint DIABLO). There is a large picnic area with overflow parking near the summit (waypoint DIABSP) for those who would rather drive than hike!

All three trailheads and the three local peaks (route DIABLO PEAKS)

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