Trip Reports in Washington, Sorted by Date
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27 reports for Washington
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
7-9 Jul 2006 Mt. Rainier : Kautz Glacier
[Mt Rainier]
Rob Yang
10-11 Jun 2006 Little Tahoma via Fryingpan and Whitman glaciers (In memory of Larry Ingalls)
[Little Tahoma]
Marcin Porwit
15 Jul 2005 Mt. Adams: Hangover on the South Spur
[Mt Adams]
Jeff Dhungana
9-12 Aug 2004 Mt. Rainier, Disappointment Cleaver route
[Mt Rainier]
Richard J Hughes
29-31 Jul 2004 Eldorado, Liberty Bell, Forbidden Peaks
[Eldorado Peak, Liberty Bell, Forbidden Peak]
David Harris
7-15 Jul 2004 Washington Climbing Vacation (Mt. Shuksan, Eldorado Peak & Mt. St. Helens)
[Mt Shuksan, Eldorado Peak, Mt St Helens]
T Colorado
21-22 Jun 2004 Mt Baker - Coleman-Deming route (postholin' our way to the top)
[Mt Baker]
Marcin Porwit
12-20 Jun 2004 Skiing the Washington Volcanoes
[Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan, Mt Rainier, Mt Adams]
Reiner Stenzel
11 Jan 2004 White Pass Washington ice climbing on clear creek falls
[White Pass]
John Zazzara
11-15 May 2003 DeOlBoiz Expedition on Mt. Rainier (Blown Away)
[Mount Rainier]
Jack Grace
1-2 Aug 2001 Washington's Mount Adams
[Mt Adams]
Steve Eckert
6-7 Jul 2001 Mount Rainier (Fuhrer Finger Route)
[Mt Rainier]
Maxym Runov
5-8 Jul 2001 Dancin' in the Moonlight (Mt Rainier, 14410')
[Mt Rainier]
Steve Eckert
7-10 Jul 2000 Mount Rainier, Kautz Glacier Route (The Weather God Smiled at Us)
[Mt Rainier]
Ron Karpel
3-6 Jul 2000 Mt Rainier
[Mt Rainier]
Dan Johnson
2 Jul 2000 Mt. Rainier (14,410 feet), Washington State
[Mt Rainier]
Roger Wendell
4-15 Jun 2000 Mount Rainier - How Much is Judgment Worth?
[Mt Rainier]
Dave German
30 May 1999 Rainier, a Summit Too High
[Mt Rainier]
Ron Karpel
15 Aug 1998 Mount Rainier
[Mt Rainier]
Ron Hudson
4 Sep 1997 Not Squally over the Nisqually Glacier (Mt Rainier, 14411 ft)
[Mt Rainier]
Arun Mahajan
16 Aug 1997 Mt Adams and Mt St Helens
[Mt St. Helens, Mt Adams]
Tony Cruz
18 Jul 1997 Mt. Rainier
[Mt Rainier]
Mike Rinaldi
28 Jun 1997 Furher Finger, Mount Rainier
[Mt Rainier]
Mark ScottNash
28 Jul 1996 How I "soloed" Mt. Rainier
[Mt Rainier]
Tony Cruz
23 Jul 1996 Cascade Volcanos (Washington and Oregon)
[Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt St. Helens]
Dewey DuMond
17 Jun 1996 Rainier: Climbers in the Mist
[Mt Rainier]
Debbie Benham
1 May 1996 Mt Rainier: Sun and Storm on Liberty Ridge
[Mt Rainier]
Steve Shields


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