Trip Reports in Arizona, Sorted by Date
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15 reports for Arizona
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
31 Mar 2015 Baboquivari
[Baboquivari Peak]
Jim Morehouse
7 Apr 2013 Mt Wrightson (We hiked it just once ...)
[Mt Wrightson]
Sonja Dieterich
25 Feb 2009 Suspended on Kino Peak (Organ Pipe Cactus National Park Arizona)
[Kino Peak]
Daryn Dodge
24 Feb 2009 KofA Peaks
[Signal Peak, Castle Dome Peak]
Steve Eckert
4 Jan 2009 Cerbat Mountains (ever heard of them?)
[Mt Tipton]
Steve Eckert
22 Oct 2008 Ho Hum(phreys) (Doing a Bump on San Francisco Mountain)
[Humphreys Peak]
Steve Eckert
20-24 Apr 2008 A Desert Peak Climbing Trip to Arizona (plus addendums to the Desert Peak Section guidebook)
[Superstition Mtn, Weavers Needle, Mt Ajo, Baboquivari Peak]
Daryn Dodge
20-24 Sep 2006 Grand Canyon via Bill Hall trail
[Grand Canyon North Rim, Thunder River]
Jim Leininger
26 Oct 2002 Weathered off Mt Humphreys
Alan Ritter
15 Feb 2002 Winter Ascent of Mt. Humphries on Snowshoes (Flagstaff Outdoor Club Group Climb)
[Mt Humphries]
Paul Heinrich
25 Dec 2001 Picacho Peak (3382 ft) (southern Arizona)
[Picacho Peak]
Arun Mahajan
13-19 Oct 2001 Grand Canyoneering (loop trip via Deer Creek, Kanab Canyon, Jumpup Canyon, Indian Hollow)
[Kanab Canyon, Grand Canyon]
Steve Eckert
17 Mar 2000 Mt. Humphreys, Arizona
[Mt Humphreys]
Joe Budman
10 Feb 2000 Traipsing Around Tucson 2000
[Mt Wasson]
Bob Bynum
19 Feb 1999 Traipsing Around Tucson
[Golden Gate Mtn, Picacho Peak, Mt Kimball]
Bob Bynum


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