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Date Peaks Climbed
[Report Title]

Reports about Quail (also in California Peaks database)
25-31 Dec 2005 Chuckwalla Mtn, Quail Mtn
[Up Chuckwalla with Spirit - Chuckwalla Mt., 3,446 feet, Spirit Mtn, 5,639 feet, Quail Mtn, 5,813 feet]
Debbie Bulger

Reports about Quandary (also in Colorado Peaks database)
19 Aug 2007 Quandary Peak, Inwood Arete
[Quandary Peak - Inwood Arete]
Andy Leach
11 Aug 2007 Quandary Peak
[Perseid meteors on Quandary Peak - Night hike at the new moon]
Patrick Lilly
8 Jul 2006 Quandary Peak
[Summiting Quandary Peak in the Rain - and high altitude edema]
Michael Ciccone
11 Mar 2003 Quandary Peak
[Winter/solo/east ridge/Quandary]
Mike Roth
13 Aug 2001 Quandary Peak
[Permanent Closure of Quandary Peak Monte Cristo Road Trailhead]
Doug Cook
13 May 2001 Quandary Peak
[Quandary Peak - via Cristo Couloir]
Rob Mullen
28 Aug 2000 Quandary Peak
[Quickly climbed Quandary]
Roger Wendell

Reports about Quartz (also in California Peaks database)
6 Oct 1997 Fresno Dome, Quartz Mtn
[Fresno Dome & Quartz Mountain]
Pat Ibbetson

Reports about Quintuplewyoming
30 Jun 1991 Quintuple Peaks Wyoming
[Beartooth Mountains first ascent?]
Bob Carson

Reports about Qullindana
12 Jan 1999 Guagua Pichincha, Padre Incantato, El Altar, El Obispo, Moncha Grande, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Qullindana, Antisana, Machiachi, Iliniza Sur
[Avenue Of The Volcanoes - Ice climbing on the Equator - Ecuador]
John Zazzara
[South America]


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