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Names in this file: Oleg Zabluda  John Zazzara  Michael Zimmerman  Mike Zimmerman 

Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]

Reports by Oleg Zabluda:
23 Aug 2003 Mt. Tallac, Ridge to Dicks Pass (cross country)
[Mt Tallac, Dicks Pass, Dicks Peak, Jacks Peak, Half Moon Lake, Floating Island Lake, Cathedral Lake]

Reports by John Zazzara:
11 Jan 2004 White Pass Washington ice climbing on clear creek falls
[White Pass]
12 Jan 1999 Avenue Of The Volcanoes - Ice climbing on the Equator (Ecuador)
[Guagua Pichincha, Padre Incantato, El Altar, El Obispo, Moncha Grande, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Qullindana, Antisana, Machiachi, Iliniza Sur]
South America

Reports by Michael Zimmerman:
29 Sep 2001 Pyramid Peak from Little Lakes Valley
[Pyramid Peak]

Reports by Mike Zimmerman:
14 Dec 2002 Some Winter Climbing in the Anza Borrego Desert (Indianhead, South Ridge, Southeast Rib Variation)
11-13 Jul 2002 Muir and Whitney (Wasn't this the splendid east buttress of Mt. Muir?)
[Mt Muir, Mt Whitney, Mt McAdie]
1-2 Feb 2002 Umpah Point and Mopah Peak (A California Mountaineering Club trip)
[Umpah Point, Mopah Peak]
3-4 Jun 2000 The Cleaver, via the NW Ridge
[The Cleaver]


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