granite pk via SW "ramp"

1-4 Sep 2016 - by Jeff Risse

Summited Granite Pk using the SW ramp route described by Steve Eckert. Great route beta.

1st night at lone elk lake, 2nd night at Skycamp waypoint which was sheltered from a stiff wind. Summit day started at 7am, to the saddle by 8am, and base of ramp at about 8:40. Took second narrow chute past the slab up to get onto ramp. Two sections were a bit more difficult (for us), one around climbers right of the two large boulders and the 2nd just above the lower snow patch shown in Eckert's ramp photo. No snow or ice at all on the ramp on 3 Sept 2016. Both sections had fixed ropes in place that we used for security, but they wouldnt be required for more skilled climbers. We could have handled both sections without the ropes but it would have taken us more time.

Fun route with no areas above class 3, maybe 3+. Rockfall was not a serious issue for our group of 4 even though there were 3 other groups of 3 or 4 ascending above us after we passed them on our descent.

Summited about 11am, back at Skycamp by 1:30 or so. Great day. My 10th U.S. highpoint. We were shut out by weather in 2014 so we were glad to get cooperation from the notoriously fickle Bear Tooth weather.

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