Trip Reports from 2014, Sorted by Date
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10 Reports for the Year 2014
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
28-30 Oct 2014 Titanothere Canyon (Titanowhere? The place between the places you may have heard of!)
[Corkscrew Peak 5804, Thimble Peak 6381]
Steve Eckert
16-22 Oct 2014 A few northern peaks in October
[Leavitt Peak, Stanislaus Peak, Sonora Peak, Roundtop, The Sisters, Mt Goode]
Bob Davey
30 Sep - 3 Oct 2014 The Far Side of Farquhar (slabs and solitude)
[Mt Farquhar 12887]
Steve Eckert
25-26 Sep 2014 Ascent to name Peak 12,691 "Mount Thoreau" (a good idea and a good climb)
[Peak 12691, Mount Thoreau]
Stan Robinson
20-28 Aug 2014 Mt. Mills, Mt. Abbot, Mt. Dade, and Bear Creek Spire
[Mt Mills, Mt Abbot, Mt Dade, Bear Creek Spire]
Bob Davey
18-19 Aug 2014 Labor Day Peak-end
[Four Gables, Pilot Knob N, Royce Peak, Merriam Peak, Mt Emerson]
Will MollandSimms
16 Aug 2014 a quick trot up Pikes Peak
[Pikes Peak]
Brian Molloy
10-13 Jul 2014 Kearsarge-Cotter-Baxter (Trail is not maintained!)
[Mount Cotter]
Bob Gross
27-29 Jun 2014 Central North Arete of Pilot Knob (Humphrey's Basin) (rock climb obscura)
[Pilot Knob]
Jay Kumar
7-8 Jun 2014 A 24-Hour California High
[Alta Peak]
Mike McDermitt


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