Fourth of July Fireworks at the Great Western Divide

30 Jun - 6 Jul 2013 - by Aaron Schuman

Sonja Dieterich and I had big plans. We were going from Mineral King to the Great Western Divide for the first week of July, with a different peak climb every day. But there are intentions and there are outcomes. Each day brought a new storm, with dawn clouds building into morning rain, with thunderclaps just too close, with no desire to be up on the summit ridge electric zone. We did tag the top of Mt Eisen one morning, but the weather arose, and so we retreated down the reverse slope of the mountain to Black Rock trail. Since the pattern wasn't improving, we headed home a couple of days early. In Lost Canyon, we were treated to Independence Day fireworks. Confetti of hail covered the pine duff, but the ice melted fast and filled sprawling puddles.


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