Standard route climb of Capitol Peak
(our last hard fourteener)

2-3 Aug 2012 - by Patrick Lilly

This was a long-anticipated climb of our last really hard fourteener. It is indeed hard. Fortunately, we caught the only really nice weather day for at least a week on either side, to we could take our time. We packed in from the Capitol Creek trailhead late on Thursday, climbed (all day!) on Friday, and packed out on Saturday morning. After crossing the infamous knife edge, we found that both the route finding AND and climbing up to the summit were extremely difficult and slow. Despite heading off from our campsite below Capitol Lake before sunrise, we didn't reach the summit until almost 2 pm MDT. We were utterly exhausted when we finally got back to our campsite at sunset. Still, it felt good to be able to say we climbed this peak.

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