The Need Never Stops

16-17 Jan 2011 - by Aaron Schuman

September 16 to 18, 2011, we returned to Needham Mountain, after being washed off in 2010. Terry Cline, Sandra Hao, co-leader Joe Baker, and I started out early Friday afternoon, hiking from Mineral King trailhead (7830) to Crystal Lake (10800). Saturday we crossed Amphitheatre Col (11500) with its interesting class 3 move, dropped to Amphitheatre Lake (11100), and ascended Needham Mountain (12520). There is a class 2 route on the summit block, and although we didn't find it on the way up, it was a fun discovery for the descent. We made a quick hike out Sunday morning.

Photo by Joe Baker, a romantic look back toward Amphitheatre Col at sunset.


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