Mokelumne Peak
(updated trailhead directions)

11 Jul 2010 - by Mark Goebel

After reading past reports describing difficult/complicated driving directions to the Tanglefoot Trailhead, we were pleased to find that getting to the trailhead is now very easy due to numerous road signs in route. We drove from South Lake Tahoe to the trailhead in 1 hr and 45 minutes. After turning off of Hwy 88 on to the Lower Bear River Reservoir road there are numerous signs first for Cole Campground and then for the Tanglefoot TH. Most of the drive is on pavement, then 3.5 miles on an excellent gravel road, and then a final one half mile of poor dirt (passable to most cars with careful/slow driving). Ignore any dirt spur roads.

We used National Geographic's Crystal Basin, Silver Fork, Eldorado National Forest, map # 806 to follow the roads and Tanglefoot trail. After descending into Tanglefoot Canyon, the trail is somewhat overgrown, but passable. After Moraine Lake many fallen trees are over the trail, adding to the challenge of following this sometimes faint trail.

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