Lone Pine Peak

11-12 Jun 2010 - by Jeffery Groenke

We hiked up the Meysan Lake trail starting Friday morning. The trail is in good shape and well maintained. We started crossing occasional snow drifts at about 9,500 feet. The temperatures were in the low thirties and it was very windy. Grass lake was open and most of the snow gone so we set up camp near the lake. Above Grass Lake at Camp Lake and Meysan Lake the lakes were still frozen and the ground covered with many feet of snow. On Friday night we had a light dusting of fresh snow and temperatures in the low thirties, below freezing. Saturday was cloudy and cool, high thirties, but the wind had died down. Mallory was socked in and the weather looked threatening so we decided for Lone Pine instead. We started up the chute that heads from Grass Lake up to the ridge at about 8:00. One of our party used crampons and went up the snow field as far as he could, this was the easier way to go. The rest of us slugged it out in the scree which is passable but not enjoyable. We reached the ridge about 10 and from there the climbing is much easier because the grade is less and the talus friendlier. There are several false summits on the way to the peak but we finally found the real peak with an ammo box register right near the top. We were on top around noon and the weather had cleared a little so we had some pretty good views though everything remained in the clouds above 13,000. We turned around and were back to camp by 2:30. All in all a great day.

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