Mt Wilson via Oak Creek Canyon

13 May 2009 - by Richard Natale

Mt Wilson is the highest Peak in the Red Rock Canyon Rec. Area. located west of las vegas it is 7070 ft. The route we took was approx. 3100 vertial ft. gain 7.5 hours and approx. 7.5 miles round trip. It was a class 3 strenuous route with some exposure.

We took the 215 beltway in las vegas and exited on charleston Blvd,route 159. drove west past the entrance to red Rock Rec Area scenic loop 2.6 miles. There are a couple places to park along the road there on the right. 36.10406 115.44989

Pic # 1 is the view from the trailhead showing the Peak and Oak Creek canyon.

Hiked on trail for almost 2 miles before dropping into the drainage. 36.10385 115. 48327 #5

Scrambled up the canyon #6 to the left fork #12 36.09797 115.49615
006.jpg 012.jpg

# 14 Headed east crossing the waterfall area to a short climb out of the bowl #16.
014.jpg 016.jpg

We crossed over the brushy area # 17 to the drainage to avoid some 4th class climbing. There was a trail cut through the brush.

As we proceded up the drainage #21 we keep going left .

#25 continued up the using the 2 trees as the landmark to get back into the main drainage.

#26 Got to the 1st crack probably 3 ft wide. 36.08985 115. 48923.

Near the top of the slot there is a rope in place. just above the rope we turned right # 28.

crossed the open area and approx. 50 ft. up there was a trail going through the brush getting to the wall #29.

Staying along the wall we went through a couple more slots then coming to a large open area with the summit in view. #34.

We started climbing there ,traversed and climbed some more. #37.

once we got on the plateau the summit was a walk over to the east. #42.

#45 is the view from the summit . hwy 159 and parking area.

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