North Peak via Lost Creek Canyon

8 May 2009 - by Richard Natale

This is a very exciting route to North Peak climbing several waterfalls with little exposure The route is complex so GPS waypoints are very helpful to stay on route The original route to this peak is a class one and just a stop over on the way to Bridge Mtn. It is approx 2400ft gain 6 hours RT.

From Las Vegas, NV take HWY 215 beltway to Charleston Blvd. Go west approx. 5 miles to Red Rock Canyon Rec. Area. Take the 13 mile scenic loop road. $5.00 per car. Golden age pass free. go 6.5 miles to the Willow Springs Picnic area. Pass the first parking area on the left and go approx, 200 yards to the outhouse on the right. Park here. This is near waypoint WILLOW on the trailhead page. We did not go to the end of pavement @ Willow Springs. Parked @ the first out house on the right where there are a few parking spots. 36.16020,115.49785

Hike across the road where there is a trail crossing the dry creek . Follow the trail up to the plateau and turn left heading toward the Lost Creek Canyon,approx 1/4 mile. Once you get to the canyon there is some climbing to get around the first waterfall. It takes a little route finding here, and there is a strap at one place to help one stay on route. When above the waterfall stay in main canyon.

When you get to the waterfall on the far right be sure to climb there. Stay in the drainage to where it gets obscure and a little brushy, head for the saddle. WP. 36.14786,115.50394. This is the beginning of the climb of the sandstone ramps.

Above the 2nd sandstone climb turn right and there are plenty of cairns marking the trail. There is some scrambling getting to the huge plateau with North Peak in view.

Looking north from the summit you see the large canyon on your left. This is the descent route we took.It is brushy with no trail to speak of. 36.14874 115.50522 is the beginning of the wide ledge on the descent. Around the first corner comes the very narrow ledge that we crossed. Continue on the ledges by passing the first canyon. Go to 36.15706 115.51014 This is the long canyon that will take you to the parking area.

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