SE ridge route
(just enough snow left for some glissading)

2 Jul 2008 - by Patrick Lilly

This was just a simple hike/climb via the standard "peakbagger's" route. We delib erately waited until the road to the TH was snow-free, and our Subaru Forester made it to the 4WD TH just fine. We set out just about sunrise (5:45 am MDT) and made the summit at 9:55 am. We walked easily over a few small snowfields on the way up, and got in three glissades, adding up to 600 or 700 vertical feet, on the way down. The weather was beautiful, but clouds began to gather late in the morning, so we didn't try to add any other peaks. Got back to the TH at 1:35 pm, just before the real rain hit! A beautiful hike and a great summit.

This shot looks down from almost on the summit to the crux gully: WHorn_033r

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