Climbing the east face of Tallac in the summer

3 Jul 2007 - by Gary Kirchubel

This trip was planned only because I asked around and nobody seemed to have hiked the east face of Tallac in the summer, although I know many probably have. Not a pro, but a good hiker, wore long sleeves, sweat pants and running shoes.

Started at the trailhead but veered right just a few hundred yards in. This was bushwacking at first, for an hour. Got to the base, headed up to the cross, pretty easy, somewhat steeper as you got higher. Climbing up through the small waterfall just above the cross hoizontal, got stuck at the last piece, needed a little equipment, came back around the left, followed the ridge to the top, maybe a 2, no problem for anyone in decent shape... I run about 25mpw and that was enough. Nice day up there, almost zero wind. Okay view of the burned ridges of Angora. Lake had many boats, not a cloud visible on any horizon.

Came down the north ridge, took at right about 1/4 mi from the top down a row of trees and ridge to avoid brush again... but no such luck... near the bottom I was bushwacking again, don't think I was ever on a trail for 95% on this hike! Never fall but landed on my butt a few times coming down steep brush! Came out on Pomo road, walked it back.

I would recommend this trip if you followed the Tallac trail till you got a clear opening towards the southern ridge, then went up! Hit the cross from the side... maybe there's a trail straight on but I never came across it. Try going up the right side of the cross, looked like an opening up there, maybe I'll do that next time, was a lot of snow right there and it was slick! Not looking for that death ride! Should be better around August.

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