Tells Peak Summit
(Nangba and the flying salmon)

30-31 Dec 2006 - by Mike Grindstaff

We left from where loon lake road and the road to the boat launch meet. The weather was clear and chilly. elevation 6300ft. The snow was softer than our snowshoes are big so we postholed most of the way...which made us go real real slow...sometimes falling into bushed under the snow up to our waste. As we gained elevation the snow was crustier and held us up better.

A mile in we crossed the Rubicon River, which in the deep snow crossing logs on snowshoes can be pretty fun. About 4 miles in is the base of the mountain. We made it to the top of the northwest ridge(8040ft) about 10 minutes before sundown and it started to get windy as we were setting up camp. It was mostly ice as this point and we didn't bring ice axes or shovels so we had to camp on an incline. after setting up the tent we melted snow and made food...i was so starving and exhausted i ate and ate and ate...and then got sick...i unzipped the tent and threw up alot outside near the corner of the tent. Travis asked me where i had thrown up and i said the corner of the tent outside...then he informed me that he had made a deadman anchor from his brand new BD trekking pole...this was a riot...hence the flying salmon. after more eating we crashed.

We woke up just after sunrise to partly cloudy skies, and low clouds on the horizon...after melting snow and eating we packed one bag and left for summit about 800ft above around 8:40am...there was amazing windswept terrain and a thin ridge leading to a small double summit. We made summit around 9:30am. I was not feeling well, but we snapped summit photos and spent about 15 minutes on the summit and then because we had to hike all the way out the same day and break camp we left. The hike down went very fast as we had our now frozen tracks to follow and we didn't have to navigate, so we got into a great rhythm. we were back before dark.


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