A Grizzly Mountain Climb

18 Jun 2005 - by T Colorado

Grizzly Mountain is located in the southern Sawatch range with well-known (and visible) neighbors such as Shavano and Tabequache, Princeton, Antero, Aetna and Taylor (and many other high 13'ers). After following CR240 for 4-1/2 miles, we parked (about 1/2 mile past the Shavano Campground). Most passenger cars will have to park at this point also due to the rough road. There are wonderful campsites along the North Fork Reservoir road all the way to the reservoir. Hike up the North Fork Reservoir road another 4 miles and take the right fork (marked with a post). Follow this jeep road into the basin near Billings Lake (and west of Calico Mountain). Take the mining trail (heading basically north) to the ridge near a point north of Calico Mountain. Descend north to the low point on the ridge (that connects Calico to Grizzly) and continue north on that ridge ascending Grizzly Mountain. There was a summit register (we were the first to sign in this season) that was put up there in 2001. Still lots of room to sign in as this does not appear to be a frequently visited summit. We descended directly from the summit down the south face into the Cyclone Creek drainage. After a combination of bushwacking and sketchy game trails, we came to the junction with the jeep road. There is no trail, per se, ascending the Cyclone Creek drainage and I would not recommend it as an ascent route (when descending, stay on the west side of the creek at all times). All in all, it was about a 16-mile roundtrip day. We were glad to have great weather. Happy Trails!

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