Job's Peak, Job's Sister, and Freel Peak

15 Jun 2004 - by Ron Karpel

The gate across county road 051 just south of Luther pass on H/W 89 was open. I think they open it on the last day of Sno-Park season. So I drove on the dirt road all the way to Horse Camp. My Outback had no problems with this road and I am sure any generic sedan will do just fine.

I chose to climb Job's Peak once I realized that there is no trip report for it in the archive. I figured I will be the first to post.

One problem with parking at Horse camp is that there is no just one place. The other problem is that there is no marking or sign for it. I drove around for a wile and chose a spot that seamed flat. I should have had my GPS to mark the spot, but I didn't. Instead I took a mental picture of the peaks around me and hoped that I will be able to find the spot when I am back.

I started walking on the road and pretty soon I was bushwhacking straight up the hill. But after a short time I have found a use trail and started to follow it. I hoped to be able to find the same trail on the way back and it will lead me back to my car. What I didn't know at the time was that there are at least 2 use trails and maybe even 3 -- all following the general path between Horse Camp and Job's peak.

The trail was faint in places and I lost it, but I found one of the other trails and followed that for a while. Finally I reached a high point on the saddle between Job's Sister and peak 10505, almost at the summit of 10505. From there I got my first view of Job's Peak and the trail leading to it. Now Job's Peak, Job's Sister, and Freel Peak were all in view and the route to each of them was obvious. I went on and clime the 3 peaks and returned to the point high above the saddle. Here I had to figure out which way to go to get back to my car.

I started on the use trail that reached the saddle, but soon I lost it. I felt that I was too high on the slop, so I started straight down hill and found another trail. This one went a long way before it too disappeared in the dirt, and this time my rapid descend down hill brought me to a dirt road, but a different dirt road. It took another 15 minute to find my car.

It took 9 hours for the 9 mile 4200 ft. trip.

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