Yosemite Rock Climbing Weekend

15-16 May 2004 - by Ron Karpel

This was the third annual Rock Climbing Weekend. Last year we went to Sequoia NP, but this year we were back in Yosemite.

People started rolling in Friday afternoon, and some of us took advantage of the hospitality and fine food of The Mountain Room (not to mention the fine photography). Saturday morning the climbing commenced. Kelly and I invited David to join us since he didn't have a partner. Nancy and Tom hiked the Eagle Point Trail, and the rest spread about the valley climbing various routes.

Saturday evening we had happy hours with camp fire, and a verity of sweets changing hands.

Sunday started early for Kelly and I as we got a head start on the Royal Arches (look for a separate report.) Others went for the famous Curry Village buffet breakfast following by a verity of climbing and hiking activities. Everyone seemed to have gotten back home before midnight.

Some of the routes climbed:

Participants: Chris Kerr, David Altmar, Florence Scholl, Joan Marshall, Kelly Maas, Nabeel Atique, Nancy Fitzsimmons, Mike Zelinski, Tom Driscol, and scribe - Ron Karpel.

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