Alta Peak snowclimb dayhike

10 Apr 2004 - by Sid Rao

Members: Siddarth Rao, Steve Hiebert, Eric Liebegott, David Feiler, Amit Bedajna,

Trailhead: Wolverton, off of 198

Started at 6:30 saturday morning, there was packed snow on the trail most of the way. Steve mentioned we could go straight up from a spot SW of Alta and W of Tharps rock. Around 11 after some cross country travel we reached above tree line. The last 1500-1700 ft we went up along the right side of the chute. Perfect conditions for crampons and ice-axe, hard compact snow, but not icy. Slope was around 30-35 deg for 1200'. All of us peaked around 12:15.

It was hot on the climb up but the views were great. Steve was able to identify a few peaks. About 1500' of glissading brought us back down near the trail. Some more cross country travel and we reached back to the trailhead by 3:45.

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