Mazourka Peak drive/hike

15 Feb 2004 - by Mark Wallace

Mazourka Peak (9,209) is a seldom-visited peak in the Inyo Mountains that offers spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada and the White Mountains. This weekend my wife, my 14-year old son and I drove to Independence, made a right turn on Mazourka Canyon road and drove about 19 miles up Mazourka Canyon Road until deep snow (for vehicles) stopped us at a saddle between Mazourka Peak and a peak to the south. The drive took us about 50 minutes. At that point we were about 500 to 600 vertical feet below the summit. David and I set out for the peak, with Anne staying behind to read her novel and admire the fine view from the saddle. The snow was ankle- to mid-calf deep and the slope was easy. We made the summit in about 45 minutes. We had tremendous views of the snow-clad Sierra and the White Mountains. There are type of antennae/relay facilities on Mazourka and a lower peaklet a short distance to the north.

In summer you can drive all the way to the peak; in winter, obviously, conditions vary.

I highly recommend this peak for beginners, children and anyone who is looking for an easy climb in a seldom-visited area with terrific views.

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