Middle Palisade

19 Jul 2002 - by Tom Hallendorf

Great climb. Day hiked from Glacier Lodge hiker parking. Left at 4 am back to the car at 7:30 pm, with lots of breaks. Only 2 comments to make contrary to published descriptions:

  1. Did not go to Lake Brainerd. We left the trail just south of small pond that the trail leads you to before reaching Lake Brainerd, climb around steep rock just south of this small pond, then head up directly toward peak, cross the stream right at the outflow of Finger Lake, and you will have to traverse slightly to the right and then back as you head to the moraine between the glaciers.
  2. 100' or so,just below summit there were misleading ducks that led me to the false summit just to the north, I traversed south to actual summit and was not able to reach the ducks to knock them over as I descended. The actual summit is at the top of the south side of the chute you ascend as per descriptions. Best view of all the 14 ers!

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