Tenaya Peak route description

3 Aug 2001 - by Perry Norris

just a note on tenaya peak. all descriptions are pretty unclear because it is such a huge slab. really,just wander up and get on the thing, staying close to the arete on the left.

i think the most telling feature on the route is a gigantic boulder that seems teetering about midway up the face. approach from the east side on tenya lake, going left around an obvious cliff band. angle right and aim for this boulder. you cannot miss it or mistake it. go moreor less straight up and that seems to be the route. avoid the 4th class exits left or you'll miss the cool climbing. the huge blocks near the top are scarey looking but mainly solid. the 5.8 finish on the macnamara topo is fun (barely 5.8) and a must do finish.

there are pin scars but we didn't see anything fixed, not even rap slings. lots of grass in the cracks, lichen, etc.sort of like a first ascent and without a lot of beta, it was sort of adventuresome because we never knew if we were on or off route and there's these big overhangs that loom near the top.

thanks for your hard work and a great web site that's really useful for sierra mountaineers.. if you're ever in truckee call and i'll buy ya a beer for cryin' out loud.

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