Goethe Not Bagged

18 Oct 2001 - by Eric Beck

Last Thursday Eric got the bright idea of trying to dayhike Goethe. He got the idea in part from a recent post here suggesting that the ridge from Alpine Col was a straightforward third class route. This project was abandoned at Muriel Lake at a little before 10am. It was clear to Eric that if he persisted he would be coming down in the dark.

In retrospect Eric thinks that this would be an excellent spring project when (1) the giant talus leading to Alpine Col would be buried, and (2) he could ski across the many large lakes along the route.

Otherwise it was an excellent hike on a crystalline fall day. Eric would like to know if anyone has dayhiked Goethe.

Peter Maxwell adds:

When Dee Booth and Scott Kreider and I were on the summit, looking through the register, I noticed some entries about people day hiking it. So it has been done.

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