Picacho del Diablo, Mexico
(East Approach Update)

20 Oct 2001 - by Paul Wilson

I just got back from San Felipe and met some people who when up to swim in the water hole under the first waterfall. The summer storms have filled in the swimming hole with sand and big rocks. They said one can step up on the stream with not aids required. The steel cables are still there but the ladder has been moved upstream to the next hard place. The ladder is in disrepair but is climbable. They said They didnt think it would hold a heavy person.

I ran out of time to check it out personally but I believe the reports to be accurate and were verified by 4 independent reports. They were there Oct 20 2001.

I considered these two places the crux of the climb. So, now would be a great time to do the East canyon route. I wonder what the rest of the canyon is like with all that erosion?

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