Telescope Peak

28 Oct 2000 - by Ed Lulofs

Susan Carlsson & I left LA at about 4AM. Hit the trail at Mahogany Flats at 8:40. Mostly clear skys with only a small cirrus cloud on the horizon. Susan led all but 100 feet of the 14 miles. During the first hour she tells how she isn't feeling energetic and I started wondering if I should have brought a second flashlight. At the saddle south of Bennet peak the sky was covered with cirrus. At 10000 feet we had lunch and Susan had a coughing spell that set us back about a half an hour. I was thankful for the break as I was eating No-Doze like candy trying to keep up with her. We arrived at the summit at 1:40. Kern was already hidden by low clouds and now there were lenticular clouds forming up and down the Sierra. After chatting with the only other six people on the trail that day we left. Without stopping except to look at the rocks, trees and birds we made it back at 4:25 with plenty of daylight. Susan whipped that mountain into submission like it was a lazy thief. All night long the jet stream intermittently swept down and tried to blow up off the ridge. High of 42 Saturday and low of 38 that night. Cruised back to LA through Death Valley visiting the geological spectacles there. What a wonderful trip.

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