Mt Evans

15 Jul 2000 - by Roger Wendell

A friend and I climbed Mt Evans on Saturday, from Guanella Pass via what Roach refers to as a "Shortcut gully." We started well below the pass to ensure a minimum of 3,000 feet in elevation change.

My friend came down with a serious case of altitude sickness (extreme nausea, headache and very dizzy) and had to hitchhike down from the summit - the "ultimate" in self rescue.

I spent the afternoon returning to Guanella in a light drizzle - wet willows, marsh and rock making for slow and tiring progress...

I received an off-list question asking if there is a road to the summit of Mt Evans (14,264 feet - located west of Denver).

Yes, it's the highest paved road in the country and takes you and your car within about 100 feet of the summit. There are also a number of hiking trails to the summit as well. It's also considered "ethical" to hike to the summit using such roads as long as you do it under your own human power..

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