Four Gables

8 Jul 2000 - by Debbie Benham

"Where is that summit register?"

[PCS trip of 7/8-7/9; 12,720' Class 2 South Slope]

As we marched across the plateau of Four Gables, boots crunching down on jagged, hard snow, all eyes were focused on the furthest end point, the summit. As each of us reached the jumble of upended boulders, each climber looked toward an apparent man-made pyramid pile of rocks on the precipiced edge. Each took it apart and said, "What? Where's the register?" Well, there ya' go. We double checked altimeters, rearranged topo maps, recounted our route, and declared this our summit. We secretly think Arun kicked it over the cliff ["To hell with the SPS list I say"]! Participants: Debbie Benham (leader), Tom Curl, Tom Johnson, Arun Mahajan, Diane Medrano, Dot Reilly (annointed coleader), Noriko Sekikawa, and Steve Shun.


For Debbie - when I alerted everyone at the North Lake trailhead how important it was to bring rain gear, including flies for the tents, as there was rain in the forecast. We had beautiful weather.

For Tom - bringing all rain gear. Seeing the gorgeous views of the canyon and the panorama of Bear Creek Spire, Merriam, Royce and Feather peaks.

For Dot - hearing about

For Diane - clamoring over boulders on Four Gables and seeing Sky Pilot on the way to the summit.

For Arun - squishing all the mosquitoes. Kicking steps in the steeply angled snow slope and stepping on the razor sharp snow cups on the summit plateau.

For Steve - returning to the beauty of the high Sierra.


A couple, just hiking up to Piute Pass as we were on our way out, commented that they were going in for nine days. When Arun discovered they were backpacking, not peak bagging, he uttered, in complete astonishment, "Can you believe that? They're going in for nine days and they're not going to climb one peak. What a waste of time!"

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