Blind Spring Hill

31 Mar 1999 - by Eric Beck

Another addition to the WIMP ( Winter, Inyo, Mono, Peak ) List. Yes, I Know, technically it is now spring. This is the peak SW of Benton. From Benton we ( Lori, Toy, and Joe Kelsey ) drove west on 120 to Benton Hot Springs. We drove south on Yellowjacket road for 1.1 miles, initially paved, then excellent dirt to a poor dirt road leading east toward our peak. We drove 100 yards and parked. The road meandered across the flat and immediately deteriorated into undriveability. It contoured, climbing, toward the SE, across the west slope of our mountain. There are two amazing retaining walls, one 18 feet high along this section.

The road turned east into a basin surrounded by round hills with old mines and tailings everywhere. Toward the SE looked the highest and after a bit we were on the summit. The Inyo NF map shows a cluster of five named summits in this area. The view of the White Mountains is terrific.

Round trip stats: 5 miles, 1500 feet, 2hrs 30 min

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