Tioga Peak, 11,526 feet, via Northwest slopes

17 Jul 1998 - by Bob Walton

It was toasty hot in the Sierras this summer. My rock climbing partners and I got scorched off Lembert Dome on the 16th. They retreated to lowland, air-conditioned resorts. I tried to go higher. Lingering snow on the northwest side of Tioga lured me off the standard SW Ridge route. It worked out okay, never too soft and never too steep. My ax was all I needed. Gardisky Lake was pretty though somehow reserved. Some guy (I forgot to note his name) had already signed the summit register more than thirty times for 1998. He apparently lives down in Lee Vining and this is his favorite jog. I'm impressed.

I got a great burger at the Tioga Lodge before I headed home.

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