Morgan (S) and Excelsior Mtn

24 May 1998 - by Harlan Suits

I was on the STS "telemania" trip last weekend. There will probably be a more detailed report in TRACK, but here's some snow level information.

Saturday we skied from Virginia Lakes up toward Mt. Excelsior. Steep boilerplate and fog turned back the summit seekers at about 12,000 feet. Below 10,000, the corn snow was superb.

Sunday we skied Mt. Morgan south from near the summit all the way to Rock Creek Lake. The top 1500 feet of the north face was icy with patches of wind-packed powder. Below 12,000 feet the corn snow was great. The road was plowed beyond the lake, but I don't know how far.

Monday we had rain and wet snow flurries at Sonora Pass, so most of us headed home early. The snowpack at Sonora Pass looked about 8-10 feet deep.

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