Lolling on Lola

11 Oct 1998 - by Arun Mahajan

Trip report for the PCS trip to Mt Lola (9148 ft) and Mt Lola, North (8844) ft.

The old german movie, Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel) talks about the dancer Lola Lola who works at the bawdy club, The Blue Angel, and who lures away the high school students of her small town from their school work to see her dance.

So also, seven PCS'ers were lured away from the serious business of watching Sunday morning football by the alpine wiles of Lola Lola (north) on the 11th of October, 1998.

(Interestingly enough, Mt Lola is named after Lola Montez, a beauty of varied talents, who had lived in California in the gold rush days).

We all gathered nn the cold Sunday morning, about 2 miles from the trailhead, stymied at the sight of the broken bridge that spans a small stream that the dirt road crosses. Ron drove his Outback through the stream and safely over the rocks, and then Kelly made a bold dash with his Golf, making this look more like the Landrover Camel Safari than a PCS trip. But his Golf did fine and without any more incidents we reached the trailhead and started hiking.

The trail gains elevation moderately as it passes thru the forest, crosses a stream, winds by a meadow and then breaks out of the forest on a ridge and a gentle rise from there on takes one to the summit. We summitted in under three hours to a great view of the Tahoe peaks like Rose, Freel, Tallac, Sierra Buttes, and English. A short northward ridge walk took us to the surrogate summit of Lola North. Ron took some GPS bearings and we decided to head down cross country from the northern summit, and so, slipping and slithereing downhill over the tree shorn muddy slopes, we hit the trail again and another hour of easy trail walking got us back to the trailhead to make it a round trip time of 6 hours.

This was advertised as a beginer/new comer trip, and we got two newcomers to the PCS on this one, Mike and Urvashi, and both hiked very well. This was Urvashi's first Sierra peak.

Trip participants: Ron Karpel (leader), Urvashi Bhagat, Mike McDermitt, George Sinclair, Landa Robillard, Kelly Mass and trip report writer, co-leader, and purveyor of irrelevant and mostly dubious information, Arun Mahajan.

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