Peak 12123

29 Aug 1998 - by Mark Wallace

This obscure peak was the subject of a posting by Tom Kenney several weeks ago. It's located near Muriel Lake, just beyond Piute Pass.

In late August my two older sons (ages 14 and 12) and I set up camp near Muriel Lake and day-hiked Peak 12,123. The bottom line is that this is a great peak for kids. The approach hike over Piute Pass is not arduous, and the peak itself is easy, enjoyable third class.

The climb takes you south from Muriel Lake over second class terrain to the base of a prow-like rock formation maybe 300 feet in elevation. To the untrained eye, it looks difficult to climb, and my 14 year old son (Andrew) announced that he didn't think we would be able to climb it, so he was going to sit right where he was and wait for me and James (the 12 year old) to return after our climbing attempt failed.

Undaunted by this pessimism, James and I set off and soon made our way up diagonally upward-sloping ledges that required a few third class moves (but were mostly second class). We gained the ridge and scrambled up to the summit. Meanwhile, Andrew, seeing our success, set off on his own, climbed the ledges and joined us on the summit. There were spectacular views of the Wahoo Lakes, Goethe Lake, Muriel Peak, Mt. Goethe and vast, open country to the northwest.

We descended the way we came and reached our camp about four hours after we started.

Consider Peak 12,123 if you are ever taking kids up to the mountains and want to give them a taste of real mountain climbing.

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