Mt. Tyndall

26 Jul 1997 - by Chris Kramar

This peak was climbed in a weekend by myself and Alex Sapozhnikov, the only other trip participant. This trip was listed as long, strenuous and requiring one to go ultra-light, so I guess these tough trips do not appeal to many people. We traveled ultra-light, so that meant no stove, no drinking cup, no pots, no bowls, no silverware, no water filter (just Polar Pure), no rope, no harnesses, no ice ax, no crampons, no pro, well, you get the idea. It is easier to list the stuff we took, instead of the stuff we left behind. And, since the weather looked good, we had no tent or bivy sacks. I think my pack weighed 14 lbs. This light weight made for glorious hiking. This para-military death-march left the car at 8:30 and reached the top of Shepherd Pass 8 hours later. I reported that it felt like I had not done anything that day at all., due to how light my pack was. We scrapped the idea of knocking off the peak that evening, as Alex had a bit more weight than I, and he said he felt as though he HAD done something that day. Also, we were not sure how long it would take us to do the climb. The next morning we started at 4 AM and after some brief class 3 at the top, we signed in at the summit register and were back down at camp in a leisurely 5.5 hours. We were at our car by 5 PM. Afterwards, although Alex appeared to be partially dead, he said he would like to do two of these type of trips per month to stay in shape! By the time we got home, at about 1 AM, I had started to feel some of the affects of the 7000' gain-loss, 26 mile round-trip. Going light - how sweet it is!

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