Tower Peak

31 Aug - 1 Sep 1997 - by Don Martin

I led a private climb of Tower Peak on Labor Day weekend, August 30 - Sept. 1, 1997. On Saturday, August 30, we left Leavitt Meadows Trailhead and headed south, hiking 22km south through several meadow systems, over gently rising terrain. On our journey towards the peak, we were treated to a stunning, picture perfect view of Tower Peak rising above the golden meadows. It was easy to imagine that we were a party of Pioneers emigrating on foot to Sonora. Then we traveled an additional 2km, this time up a steeper trail and camped near a meadow just below Tower Lake. On Sun., Aug.31 we climbed the trail past beautiful Tower Lake and up past the snowbank to a saddle on the north side of Tower. Then we moved east to avoid another snowfield (the snowfields were too hard to cross in the early morning without crampons.) Following the ridgeline, we found a series of well traveled use trails over sandy ledges and ramps that led us to within 100 meters of the summit. We turned left, at the class three chute, and climbed it to the top, where we enjoyed the clear view of northern Yosemite, Ritter, Banner. The mountain is wondrously free of poor quality rock. It sports the best quality handholds. It is truly a pleasure to climb. Permits are self-registration at trailhead and are free.

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