Mokelumne Peak

2 Nov 1997 - by Arun Mahajan

On a warm and windless November sunday, the four of us, Ron Karpel, Dee Booth, Milushe Kudnrnovska and I, Arun Mahajan, tramped up this isolated peak which is in the wilderness that bears the same name.

We used Pete Yamagata's excellent trip report from the SPS archives as reference and with our organiser/leader/route-finder, Ron, leading the way, we did not go wrong. Knowing that we had less daylight and having started relatively late in the morning (9.30 am) we kept a steady pace and summitted in three and half hours, spent thirty minutes at the top and got back to the cars in two hours and fifty minutes. The round trip distance is about 13 miles.

Another point to note is that some sections of the unpaved access road that leads to the Tanglefoot Trailhead are bad. My generic sedan made it, but not without some anxious moments, so we felt that a higher clearance vehicle would have been better.

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