Mount Morrison and Bloody Mountain

7-8 Sep 1996 - by Steve Eckert

I went with the SPS from the Angeles Chapter. We did Bloody on Sat (11 hours, 6300' gain), and Morrison on Sun (7.5 hrs, 4900' gain).

Pretty easy terrain, with a bit of duck following higher up. From the day parking lot just outside the campground right at the lake, head up a little dirt road for 100 yards, then keep going straight up a loose and brushy shoulder. It's a couple hundred feet until it levels out, and then you basically cross-country to just above the small lake on the map at 9800' (don't follow the sheep herder's road too far). Here you turn straight up the slope and pick up a use trail that leads you to the ducks. The route goes more or less straight up, with no long traverses but a few minor ridge crossings. The peak is in the back, left of the impressive shale structure with vertical striations.

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