Matterhorn Peak

25-26 Jun 1995 - by Debbie Benham

Fracture lines in the snow clinging to the sides of Horse Creek Canyon were visible from the trail below. We put on long gaiters at 8500' and stepped 1-2" down into crunchy snow. Perfect conditions. We camped at 10500' at the origins of Horse Creek. Snow all around with patches of earth near trees and large boulders. As we passed the gully for the approach to the east couloir, Brian Staby, co-organizer, and with a group consensus, nixed the idea. Exposure on the route, fracture lines in the snow along the sides, and abilities of the entire group came into play to make the decision to contemplate another route.

Avalanche stories worried, then scared, us. . . well, me actually (organizer, Debbie Benham). All encouraged me to "wait and see what's up there". Approximately 6 am the next morning, Brian lead the way up to Horse Creek Pass, where we then followed the Southeast Slope up to the summit. Snow until about 11700', then no snow at all on the ridge line and top o' peak. Beautiful weather, beautiful day! Participants: Christopher Fulton, Patti Haight and Kate Ingvoldstadt. And from all of us, thank you Brian for your very competent leadership!

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