Boundary Peak Update

1 Sep 1992 - by Dinesh Desai

Boundary Peak (13,143 feet), the highest point in Nevada, has usually been approached from the East side via SR 264 and the Trail Canyon Road. The time required to travel the long and very rough road makes a weekend trip from the Bay Area an adventure in driving. Recently, Joy and I attempted the peak from the NorthWest and found both the driving and climbing easier. Unfortunately, an unseasonal snow storm forced us to retreat from just below the summit ridge.

Here is how to do it from the NorthWest side:

From the town of Benton (at the intersection of highways 6 and 120), drive 7 miles North on highway 6 to the Nevada state line. Continue approximately 1.7 miles to Janie's Ranch, which will be on your left.

Turn right on the graded but unsigned Queen Canyon Road, directly opposite the ranch. Drive 6 miles to a broad flat area on your left where you can park and camp. There is a pipe from an underground spring, but it is best to carry your own water. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle you can drive another mile and 500 feet up to the Queen Saddle (10,000 feet).

From the Queen Saddle (which is called Kennedy Point on the topo map, climb a couple of hundred feet to the top of the ridge and proceed in a SouthWesterly direction along the gentle ridge to the Trail Canyon Saddle (10,800 feet). Then climb the steep ridge to the saddle West of unnamed Peak 12,201 feet and continue up the bouldered ridge to the summit.

Driving time form the Bay Area to the camping spot is 6 to 7 hours.

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