Mt Pinos

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Contributor: Michael Bratkowski

To get to Mt. Pinos, take the 5 north from Los Angeles for approx. 40 miles (past Santa Clarita, past Magic Mountain) to Frazer Park, get off there and go west on Frazer Park road for about 24 miles (it will split off at Mil Potrero Road and become Mt. Pinos Highway - I think) and start going up Mt. Pinos ridge. The CHP may check you for chains or 4 wheel drive, but they usually don't gate the road during storms. :) Proceed either to Mt. Pinos campground, McGill campground or to the Nordic Base Camp parking lot on the top. And what ever you do, take a topo map and a compass. Sawmill Mountain is one of the maps, but I don't know the other. Most of the trails are old logging roads, but they are not marked very well, so you're on your own for navigation duties. If the ski patrol is there (on most weekends) you can buy a map from them (its really quite good, with most of the topo features of the area on it).

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