Waucoba Mountain

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west Eastern Sierra Trailheads and Junctions (accessed from Hwy 395)
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See also Last Chance and Sandy Point Trailheads which share much of the drive.

Starting just north of the center of Big Pine, turn east toward Westgard Pass on Hwy 168 (waypoint 395JWP). Then turn southeast on Death Valley Road (waypoint 168DVR) which is paved at this point. If you try to follow Death Valley Road all the way to Death Valley, be prepared for some rough driving - but the part we need is great! After DVR bends north, turn east again on Waucoba Saline Road (waypoint DVRWSR, not the earlier 4WD junction). Now you're on a good dirt road, not fast but no problem for passenger cars.

The trailhead parking area (waypoint WAUCOP) has some desert trees but no facilities and some signs of overuse. The peak is steep but short, starting on a 4WD road and approaching the peak from the northeast. peak

There is some pavement and some good dirt road on the drive from Big Pine:

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